Vegetable and Fruit Splitter
Vegetable and Fruit Splitter

Vegetable and Fruit Splitter

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Flexibility combined with an attractive design: it not only conjures up crunchy vegetable sticks or appetizing potato wedges in a jiffy, it also splits fruit into quarters or eighths, just as you wish.

  • adjustable blade insert made of Japanese blade steel for dividing into quarters or eighths as required
  • centering insert for narrow fruit or vegetable
  • easy to use thanks to its practical plunger
  • transparent, ergonomically shaped cutting tube
  • cutting marking for longer vegetables, such as cucumbers or carrots
  • 7.0 cm, H 17.5 cm
  • plastic / Japanese blade steel
  • dishwasher safe

FLEXICUT Vegetable and Fruit Splitter The vegetable and fruit splitter is just the thing whenever you want crunchy vegetable sticks, a healthy fruit salad or savory potato wedges. It can cut food into quarters or eighths to suit your requirements. Just set the size you want, put the piece of fruit or vegetable into the opening and press through the cutting tube with the aid of the plunger. The center insert ensures that narrow fruit and vegetables are cut perfectly and the marking on the plunger is a great help when cutting long vegetables.