Spice Infuser
Spice Infuser

Spice Infuser

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The filled colander is perfectly suited for improving soups, stews or hot spiced wine. The stainless steel bowls are interconnected by the silicone cord.

  • for bay leaves, herbs and spice
  • simple volume adjustment in four steps
  • can be taken apart for easy cleaning
  • 4.8 cm, H 13.0 cm
  • high-grade stainless steel / plastic
  • dishwasher safe
The spice infuser for spice is perfect for seasoning soups and for stews and mulled wine. The volume can be easily adjusted to different pot sizes. Thanks to the silicone cord, the spice infuser is always ready to hand and can be fixed securely onto the edge of the pot. The silicone cord holds the stainless steel infuser halves together, which means nothing gets lost in the kitchen.

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