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Due to the flexible metal hose, this stick lighter easily reaches between the bars of the cooking grill to light the charcoal!

  • refillable
  • flexible metal hose (“swan neck“)
  • adjustable flame height
  • level indicator / for commercial lighter gas
  • child safety lock
  • hanging loop
  • L 31.6 cm, W 3.7 cm, H 3.2 cm
  • metal / high-grade stainless steel / plastic
This stick lighter not only looks chic but is really practical as well. The flexible metal hose known as a “swan neck” offers more freedom of movement when lighting the charcoal in your grill or the wood in your fireplace. The lighter is equipped with a flame failure device and a transparent level indicator. The flame height can be adjusted as desired. The elegant stainless steel hanging loop makes sure the stick lighter will always find a place, either at the grill or on the kitchen rail.

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