Fine/Coarse Grater
Fine/Coarse Grater

Fine/Coarse Grater

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Flakes or fine crumbs: thanks to their extremely sharp laser-cut blades the coarse and the fine surface of this grater grate Parmesan, ginger, chocolate, lemon zest,

- Two surfaces for fine crumbs and delicate flakes
- Ultra-sharp laser-cut blades
- Concave surfaces
- Transparent protective cover collects grated material and makes for precise pouring
- Non-slip base
- Hanging loop
- L 36.5 cm, W 8.0 cm, H 4.5 cm
- High-grade stainless steel / plastic
- Dishwasher safe

Fine + coarse grater RAFINO Thanks to its two surfaces, this multipurpose grater turns Parmesan, ginger, chocolate, lemon zest, carrots and other hard foodstuffs into delicate flakes or fine crumbs, just as required. The concave surface with its extremely sharp laser-cut blades makes grating quick, efficient and safe and prevents the food from slipping to one side. Very practical: the protective cover can be used as a tray for the grated material and, thanks to the small opening at the end, to measure it out. A non-slip base and the ergonomic handle made of soft-grip material make it safe to use.

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