Barbeque Skewer (2 pc set)
Barbeque Skewer (2 pc set)

Barbeque Skewer (2 pc set)

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These skewers are specifically suited for meat, fish, vegetables and seafood. Just fill the double skewers as you like and place them on the barbecue or in the pan. Thanks to the angular form the pieces remain in place without slipping. The integrated slider makes the food easy to remove, guaranteeing a full plate and a clean table. These come 2 skewers to a box!

- For delicious meat, fish, vegetable or seafood kebabs
- Integrated slider for easy removal of the grilled food
- Angular double-prong skewer prevents food from slipping off
- Length: 12.5"
- Material: 18/10 high-grade stainless steel
- Dishwasher-safe